2nd international forum of ancient cities




Ryazan/ Russia


  • Administration of the city of Ryazan, etc.
  • Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Ryazan Region
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ryazan District and etc.

With the support of:

  • Commission of the Russian Federation for the Issues of UNESCO 
  • Ryazan Regional Government

Organizational support of the participation of Azerbaijan:

  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • SEBA Association

Open meeting of the Association of Ancient Cities


  • Ryazan Regional Duma
  • The M.Gorky Ryazan District Universal Scientific Library, conference hall

In the programme: display of the documentary film “Gabala - the capital of Caucasian Albania” (prepared by Baku Media Center by order of SEBA Association in 2016) as well as demonstration of books and booklets on Gabala city

The participating countries of the meeting: 9 countries

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Egypt, China, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Turkey